Saturday, August 25, 2012

So I cross my heart and I hope to die, that I'll only stay with you one more night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Went MBS to swim with Relle, Shili and Daryl on Friday because Nigeh booked a room. Beautiful chocolate man. That might have been the only chance I could get to swim up there LOL. Suckstobepoor.

Met my mogus today!!! Sadly not all in this picture. Ahhhh Love them to bits! Havent get the polaroid pictures. The people who took the polaroid pics for us really camera retarded. We wasted like 2-3 films? One of them didn't even bother to stand and help us take and before Arista could finish explaining to her how to use or where to take us she took a picture of Arista epic face. Best seriously. Finally met them since .... before march? I don't know. Gonna meet them again this Friday! Super eggcited . Shoppinggggg hehehe.

I screwed my midyears ): that's sad. But I deserved it so :/ 

Im glad I found someone better than you lol. Im glad that happened.

TooOoooOoOoOOoOoodles :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi peeps, I know I havent been updating my blog.. As promised.. Aiya JC leh, no time. OK that's just an excuse. I'm lazy. SOOOOOO.... Nothing new la, made lots of new friends. And went back Beatty for AA last week. Met with my breastfriends <3<3<3

Went tanning at sentosaaaaaaa with Shiliiiiizxzxzxzxzxz quite long ago.

Oh am having A divs now and loving my CJ vb team truckloads.

Got in second finals >D adivs and trgs are draining me ttm but have to press on. MYE coming soon and haven't even started on revision. So sians. Ok lah, if got more stuff will blog again and when I bother to hehehehehe okcan nights <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

So had a sleep over at my place with Chantel and Genevieve and Ggl , maowee and shang. I didn't even know we were having steamboat at my place until the night before at like 1am. So before that met my womans to do my cny shopping but couldn't find anything and chantel bought two tops. No way.

Best Fries and Friends Forever !

Rushed back to Nex to get food and headed back to my place !

Steamboatttt. Woah the maggie dam good I swear.

Managed to convince ggl and shang to stay over. Yay. So after we girls bathed(which took a total of 3.5 hours what the), we went up to the guys room to eat ice cream and paint nails LOL . Totally like a girl's sleepover please.

And we sang songs and had more ice cream..

And mao wee had his right hand painted gold.

Afraid to scratch his nails.

And I asked him to help me remove my nail polish 'cause I was too lazy LOL. And he took freaking long -.- Fail la.

Then we girls hogged their bed and started taking pictures.

The "argument" on the Itouch.

Womans and I went back to my room 'cause all sleepy and tired already. Joined my two beds and slept at 6am. Woke up rotted the whole day and played pool. First time for Chant! haha.

Went to ecp today. Cycled with Joel, Clement and Caleb. Joel fell was super epic. From the back I saw him like stand up then he just fell sideways and on the grass. HAHA . A few scratches here and there. Funny sia. Went jetty to take pictures :D

This woman fell down too. Helped her and washed her wound. She was using her phone. Oh saw Christopher Lee and the dam young teenage actress acting today.
Then shili was like, eh christopher lee sia . THEN I LIKE WHUT THE?! LOL.

Was almost reaching ecp from changi then our back tyres puncture . Thought can last until go back the shop. Then bloody hell the entire tyre came out from the metal thing LOL. Adventure dayyyy.

Saw BW AGAIN. Eh this is too much k . 6th time in 2 months. TOO MUCH FUCKING COINCIDENCE? -.-

Monday, January 16, 2012

Went to Desmond Chan's house yesterday ! And Darence Chan is just too cute. Really. Played Taboo then carried Darence Chan ahhhhh.


Went to meet shili and charles after that to shop. Then Jieen msged me and we started being retarded matchmakers. Charles inside happy only la please LOL.

This picture for you Celine, with many loves. LOL.

Going gym soon.. And I really really really don't feel like going.. I rather stay home and sleep or go shop for my cny clothes cause my mom just gave me money. ):

I have no choice, this is the power of.... Bye.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ok I've been away for WAY TOO LONG. And so much has happened!

SO.. To begin with.. I went to Zurich and London. And Boston and Bath which I went for like less than an hour each? k lame.

On some mountain which I forgot but all I know I was trying to breathe properly because the cold wind is literally blowing in my face.

Yes this is my brother. Younger btw. Hamsum.

Wa I fucking love the background k. Sun was setting and it was like 3+ or 4+pm?


Reignfall . I think that's how it's spelled. It was raining then ):

They look really retarded. Idk why. And yes the sun was BLINDING us but we were shivering.

Mom said in the summer if you go up to the mountains, you can just wear a tshirt and suntan because the Sun is too hot and yet everywhere around you is snow. LIKA COOL!

On the ice flyer. NAISE!

my dad planking LOLLL. Third attempt. Aftermath of macarons.

And now .. LONDON! Where we met the Suffians! Yayyyyy.

The bus window dirty la walao. Arghhhhh.

All of us O.O

GMT. Alwi's lost between which timezone is he in. K lame. He's always looking blur. LIKE HARRY POTTER RIGHT?! HOMG.

Hat not straight up and I caught the third one looking at me. I thought cannot!

So that's roughly about it. Two weeks of fun.

and then it was christmas..


Merry Belated Christmas everybody~ Wooo~ Under the mistletoe~~ 

Then it was new year...


then it was PROM!


RAW SCORE: L1R4 8 L1R5 12
k I just very happy and satisfied with my score wooots.


Haha and Friday the 13 wasn't so bad! Okay I'm really tired. Will try to blog soon :D

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hi everybuddy.

Just came back from Batam few days ago (:

Do you guys find this familiarrrrr? (ppl who went for sec 3 camp)

And this??? hahaha.

Dropped by a dragonfruit plantation.

Went to a bridge which had really nice view. Took a stylo shot of my brother.

Went to do my nails at far east today. Dammit la I was 15minutes late then I had to wait for an hour -.-

Don't worry I wanna try my own nail art. I just wanted them to paint.

Met Shili then walked around and headed to Dempsey Hill.

I gave up sitting with him on the swing seat. He kept rocking the swing that I can't eat in peace la what the. So took a pic of him. With my cranberry juice. Oh and he ordered H_____en and the waitress even asked if he wants a second bottle LOL. Someone looks too fucking old.

That's all. I just can't sleep now thanks to the tiramisu my brother fed me with like 3hours ago. Both of us had a wee bit of vodka. Hopefully can sleep. Nights , or morning , everyone.